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    When you register, you will have a 30 day, full access membership. Nothing to do, it will just be there. If you like it and wish to subscribe, you may. Absolutely NOTHING is needed up front. If you are an active user, during the Beta period that 30 days may expand up to a year!
    Please note, once the Beta period is over, the site either will remain with a trial period or, more than likely, provide free access with some options being limited.
  • If you are creating a tournament bracket, it is highly suggested to ask your participants to register so you can search for them, plus it will give them more control over their own settings. If not, then please ask for their email address, so that if/when they register, they can view their account.
  • Please provide constructive feedback and you can win a lifetime of free access!

The Black Bat Bracket Advantage

Black Bat Brackets has one simple goal: to allow you to easily create and manage your competition brackets. Regardless of which sport you are affiliated with, if it is a Single Elimination tournament (other types coming soon) then this is the place for creating and managing the tournament. We believe in simplicity, so creating and managing your brackets can be quickly completed, without being bogged down in finding where you are in the process.
See a sample bracket here.

We are NOT used for running pools, such as that one college basketball tournament! We allow you to create brackets like the ones used for that tournament, but for your own organization.

One of the many features that sets Black Bat Brackets apart from the others is that we also support Multiple Entry Single Elimination brackets! This means that if you are in something like a bowling league, you can have the players buy in on multiple entries, and we will generate as many brackets as possible to accomodate all of the entries purchased. That means, one set of three games can run dozens of brackets!

For a complete step-by-step example, please check out the tutorial.

Here is just a small list of features:

  • Integrates to existing registered accounts via registered emails or self-registration
  • 4 to 128 participants allowed per bracket
  • Bulk score entry to simplify score entry
  • Simple Ledger functionality to indicate the Entry Fees, Refunds, Payouts, or house cuts
  • Reports to see your activity

To see a complete list of all the features here.